Magic Nail Glass Nail Shiner - Artist Choice

Magic Nail Glass Nail Shiner - Artist Choice

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Magic Nail Glass Nail Shiner in Artist Choice design.


The magic Nail Shiner can function as a nail polisher, nail file, nail buffer, and nail pusher.

4 tools in 1:

1. Nail Polisher: A tool that gives luster to the surface of the nail. 

2. Nail File: A tool that shapes the edges of the nail. 

3. Nail Buffer: A tool that makes nails look more consistent and shiny. 

4. Nail Pusher: A tool that is used to push back excess cuticle growth.


Magic Nail Shiner makes your nails shine. Long-lasting shine that transforms the brittle, dry and rough nails to shiny, healthy nails while maintaining their shine for more than 2 weeks having smooth and healthy nails.

1- the MAGIC NAIL SHINER lets the nail "breathe" which makes it healthy. 

2- the MAGIC NAIL SHINER emphasizes on your nail's natural pink color and makes even the hardest places to reach shine. 

3- It revives the natural beauty of the nail immediately. 

4- It makes the original color of the nail shine wonderfully. 

5- By just using this product, transform the dull and rough nail to smooth and shiny ones!    


From shaping to polishing, only one simple step is involve - The exiting 3~6 stage process that uses a rough buffer can be replaced by this fast and simple one- stage process. 

Dust-free nail shiner The Magic Nail Shiner is a dust free tool, so you can take care of your nail in a very clean way. 

Made in Korea - every manufacturing process is done in South Korea. 

Environment-friendly glass - The high quality of glass prevents the tool from wearing  out quickly making it last for a long period of time. 

Epoxy adhesive - This product uses the Epoxy: even if it breaks, the pieces remain together, which makes this a safe product to use.

Anyone can use this product Pregnant women, babies, students, teachers, beauty salon staff, cooks, nurses, etc. Any person of any age or gender can use this product. 

Anytime Anywhere! - You can store the Magic Nail Shiner in a luxurious leather pouch (PU) and use it anywhere anytime.