About Us

Magic Nail USA is bringing you an exclusive opportunity to access the same Glass Nail Shiner that is creating quite a buzz in China, Japan and Korea. For the first time ever, the Magic Nail – Glass Nail Shiner will be available to the US market thanks to our hardworking team’s persistence, diligence and commitment to excellence. You will achieve a natural, long-lasting, dazzling shine that enhances the real color of your nails. We are confident that you will love our product’s four-in-one function that enables you to turn rough, brittle nails into fresh, polished, healthy nails. Simply move the abrasive side against your nail’s surface back and forth to file any rough nail edges. You’ll see how your nail gets clean and tidy while it shines. The Magic Nail cleans easily with water or alcohol.  Whether you need to push, file, buff, or polish, you can achieve the look you anywhere, anytime! The Magic Nail – Glass Nail Shiner combines innovative technology with trusted quality to deliver lasting results. 

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It’s time you stop paying for overpriced manicures and start experiencing the benefits of the world-famous Glass Nail Shiner. Now, you will be able to efficiently and effectively polish your nails with ease for a natural shine that is sure to turn heads. Order Magic Nail today.